• Rasha Kotaiche

Why Lebanon?

Why Lebanon?

I was asked, without thinking about it, why Lebanon?

Of course the most obvious answer is that I have my

bloodline roots from there. But without thinking my

answer was, despite spending next to no time there in

comparison to my life here, the memories I have sit

with me stronger than my memories here. When I feel

nostalgic it is for this country, through the senses i felt

there when I was young; when I return I try to relive that;

wherever I travel, I compare it to Lebanon, not the UK.

Any nostalgia I experience of my time here, is always

something that originally made me nostalgic for Lebanon.

It’s a country I feel grounded in; and of course what I live in

a summer is nothing to what it would be like to live there

completely; but what I think about when I think of Lebanon

isn’t the exploring or the events; it’s simply being surrounded

by family, by nature, by an atmosphere that feels so alive.

Everything feels so unique there. Where as here I feel a sense

of repetitiveness and closed space.

It could simply be that I desire to have spent more time there

growing up, and I am making up for it now.

---side note, I am not dismissing my relationship with England,

it is my home and I have grown to re-love it across the year by

exploring more of the country.

Principle of the 5 whys…

Why is your work about Lebanon…?

My bloodline roots from there.

Why does a bloodline there interest you?

I want to know what my life would have been

like had my family stayed there

Why didn’t they stay there?

Maternal line moved to seek work

The paternal line moved due to political disagreement

Why do these journeys shape the work?

Because had they not moved, had the gov not been corrupt,

there would not be such an expansive diaspora.

Why is the diaspora so key?

The inquiry of what live means in Lebanon and

UK peer generation different lives ….