• Rasha Kotaiche

The Future Perfect

creating something to react to

fact vs fiction




"paradox of the archive"

the practicality of archives

(tate archive)

(whats the importance of the lebanese archive)

> personal artist archive

is an archive just dcument or can it be something more

the future archive

the importance now and in the future

importance of people/belonging/community


documentaries of homes

portraits of families

look at kuwait pics


my community

replica of dads experience

immediate family



new years


create own narrative structured family archibe

create my own family archive

there is importance for the future of my family

why should the public care

exploration of generations


archival art hal foster

public yet private


creating your own narrative through choice of image/showing >not showing everything

100 year timeline video

starting with clips/images in lebanon

jumping countries to rep diaspora

jumping stories

videos images

similar to revolution video

proving progression


charles fox 'buried' talk to him

what does it mean to be british

what does it mean to be lebanese

archive vs collection

to havea different background

stories as archives

bonding w/family through understanding knowledge of their being

why is their history my background?

"creative archiving"

gaps in information

interpreting what we see

can never provide a full picture

what is the desire to know of our history

understanding of identity?

finding reason for who we are?

digital archive

seeking to make no online footprint

cause of emotion

who were the creators of the archives

what was their intention

creating a future through archives


median of our age determines us an archivist

creative archive resistance

who do you think you are -show

a digital archive does it exist

the digital archive does it exist

the digital archive is unfixed

joanna winston

when was lebanons biggest migration period

from silent to outspoken

windrush baby

how our elders roles effected us/our desires

becoming an archivist we're all presenting our own archives

harnessing anger to build an archive

using anger as a tool produce change

behind each person/image is a story

story of the moment


what sparks the interest to share/explore

anger loss the diversity fear curiosity desires belonging