• Rasha Kotaiche

Target Audience

Who is your target audience?

For the people who never truly felt accepted anywhere.

For the people who weren't privileged enough to have a successful balance between multiple cultures.

For the people who faced discrimination, who felt they couldn't be them self, end up in some form of identity crisis.

For the first generation as well as later generations. To have their own struggles recognised.

For anyone who has had their mental health impacted, goals, expectations

who continue to be confused

who want to be heard, represented and resonate with others.

For my family and myself to recognise our history and memory; merging our current archive with our present day which forms a future archive.

This work is reflective, giving recognition to what creates us further than what we see from ourselves. It doesn't provide direct answers, but aims to get the audience think, reflect, ask questions and learn about their own narratives.

In simpler words, this work is targeted at Black, Asian and Minority ethnics who are either first, second or third generation migrants (or later)

It does also target the British community, with many recognisable places, sounds and activities that can trigger their own nostalgia.