• Rasha Kotaiche

A Sectarian Government

After the civil war, they believed it best to create a government that had a representative of each religious sect to be "equal" when in fact, this divided the nation

the sectarian movement stopped the people and culture from developing and progressing.

they focused too much on opposition, competition, superiority and hate (induced by other nations)

these people are from a culture of kindness and faith

yet all that appears through their words is anger, negativity, cussing others and pure filth

there are so many people outside their origin country that what happens there when there is no one there any more?

will there still be purity in the title?

we keep the culture alive no matter where we are. we have a lot of Lebanese pride. but we cuss the country due to the politicians

their attempt to be progressive Lebanese has become them being other.

mimicking cultures "to appear modern"