• Rasha Kotaiche

Re-framing Photography – Some Thoughts

Global Photographies explores photography and the importance of the historical archive outside of Europe and in a more global perspective. It breaks into three interrelated levels, including the artistic and cultural production of photographs, decoding of the colonial and the contemporary photograph and collecting photographic archives that deal with colonial, anthropological and family photography.

The first chapter “re-framing photography - some thoughts” begins by discussing the importance of the global narrative and how it is becoming more popularly researched, and how it has never solely been a product of privileged Europeans; it then goes into some of the different practices of photography and the photograph across different countries

This chapter informed me on the research being made about global photography, and the importance of the archive per country. In regards to the Middle East, due to a lot of conflict, many archives and art pieces were either destroyed or are missing, which has led to many collectives searching and putting together collections of what they can find, such as the Lebanese archive. This has guided me in what to take into consideration when making my visual work, and how to be representative beyond ‘european’ style photography, and away from a ‘colonial gaze’.