• Rasha Kotaiche



The migrants/Diaspora

get thrown in the gutter searching for better. Acting like we're taking over. but how is it their fault their country is corrupt after you destroyed it. all they want is to do better, with a dream that one day their country will be liveable, so they can return.

is this wish to 'belong' within this civil revolution simply a performance = of which the camera records you





identity - personal reasons: do they matter in relation to your work

'grudge' > missing > missed out > unfulfilled relationships


___________________________________________ UK (Me)

Parallel timelines

___________________________________________Lebanon (Them)

Carrie Mae Weems

Zainab Zhagreb

Critical ptions/framework -

  • Peer parallel lives UK/Lebanon > Different feelings

  • Journeys

  • Re-representation

"to be a woman in Lebanon"

changes in laws ... timeline + influence

100 years [2020] since french occupation

100 years of Lebanon

colonialism, conflict, corruption

currently live revolution


IDEA: Parallel Timelines

Self timeline/UK timeline

Cousin timeline/Lebanon timeline

> Performance piece, what life could've been like : but UK Location

>Performance: photographing the "what ifs" i.e fluent in Arabic, Knowledge on Islam, Family/community


IDEA: Video


Video of me talking about what life could've been like > with specific sounds in the background > what life should be like

[what is the "perfect scenario"]

Spoken word?

VIDEO TWO: Group of people singing 'Mawtini'

Singing? Dancing?


IDEA: Portraits + Landscapes of the impact of Politics on Faith/Culture


[cultural identity] Religion, ethnicity, nationality, generation

  • Lebanon > Faith in Lebanon > influence of politics

  • > History: conflict w/ Israel - Great grandmother's death / Uncles arrest / Houla Massacre : stories, archives, locations

  • >destruction: colonisation / influence of colonisers

  • Portraits/ location|landscape : direct photo or get creative?

what can I make here? [UK] : Portraits of Lebanese diaspora? Dad's ex-life?

Interview w/ mother


IDEA: Rail Line in Lebanon

  • rail line in lebanon; why isnt there one?

  • map: plot out/photo main stations


IDEA: Women of Lebanon

  • womens lives in postcoloinal lebanon > what was it like pre-coloniasation/during > archives : dress, laws, expectations >influence of region/politcs


-as soon as you try to express your Arab side its like all eyes are on you + stress becomes intense. almost feeling wrong.-