• Rasha Kotaiche

More Than Enough

Elaine Welteroth is an African-American journalist, in which details her life journey in More Than Enough. Talking about race, identity, conflictions and her success, she starts from the beginning of her life and how her path started.

Welteroth goes into great length about how she came to find her balance in her identity, and how to balance it as a woman specifically. Despite facing adversity, she continued to push for what she believed was right, resulting in her success in her professional career, and using this success to motivate and influence others that were/are in her position.

Having read her memoir, it was influential on my work in guiding me on what to talk about with the people I would discuss with or be photographing; their life experience from young until now, how it has developed, what helped them reach the next stage, and whether they were aware of their cultural identity being the cause of any personal issues.