• Rasha Kotaiche

Lebanon: Thawra

The "revolution" to take down the government

A couple weeks ago, the Lebanese people said "enough" and began to protest across the country, even its diaspora protested from across the world.

There were forest fires that destroyed many homes and areas, in which there was no response of aid from within the country, in fact neighbouring countries had to provide aid to put out the fire. This being a few years after millions of dollars had been spent on helicopters for such a situation, but they had not been serviced meaning they couldnt be used.

After this tax laws were being placed on different things, which angered the nation as they were already paying for things (in which they also pay for a back up) which aren't being provided at a good standard, for example; the citizens pay for electricity, even though the electricity cuts out multiple times of the day, they also pay for back up electricity generators for when the mains cut out. Similar with their internet, they are paying for the service, but then pay for another service to try and strengthen it.