• Rasha Kotaiche

Is Britain Great? 2 - The Caravan Club


The Caravan Gallery is a collaboration between photographers Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale, in which they travel around the country documenting the reality and surreality of the way we live today. They not only have a series of books, but also a mobile exhibition space that engages people in a way a ‘normal’ gallery space might not.

Is Britain Great? 2 is the second photo book installment of 3. The work presented within the book is described as psychogeographical, in that they explore places, their multiple identities and how people relate to them. What they aim to do is capture what we, as citizens of Britain, don’t often see and even describe us as strangers in our own land. One of the aims of their work is to document the ever changing world, and accepting that change is inevitable; but recognising the identities the country and the places within the country hold and how that is still shown.

After struggling to make work within the UK, since I was accustomed to developing my work abroad and had my visions there, I searched for photo books that could help influence me. Finding this collection helped guide me into learning more about the identities that Britain holds, and fed into my research of “What does it mean to be British?”