• Rasha Kotaiche


who am I ? to create the archive

what is my position

what is my reasoning

building the body of archvies

presenting the existing, creating the future

who are we as photographers

but the creators of the archives of our generation

the importance of photography

what do we look at in archives that develpps a strong importance and connection

making history

what is the point of creating based on these topics




image quality

digital age: digital archive

does it lose sentiment

am i foreigner in my homeland

am i more suited to creste n archive of our own made history > 3rd culture kids

the poistion of the phtoographer

create a 2 way book? (sketch) passport photos

influence from death

romantiscisng lebanon

rumi - yellow light

hassan ibn al haytham [book of optics]

bagdhad house of wisdom

the image as memry

the image as narrative

etel adnan photographic memory

what did photogray mean in lebanon

was it as popular/common to be photographed

new kind of self portrayal

scrutctured vs documentation

reasses images

rami> a new generation, close yet far

lucina vs amir vs rami vs tasha

incorporate self

self portraits; time line each

focusing on familes



uk born

no connection for 10 years

>rami (don/derby)



Pali born

moved at 7 to uk

> Omar [london/birm/uganda]



uk born

moved to syria for 7 years

> zaid [london]

returning to the third culture kid "the third thing'

the call of the void