• Rasha Kotaiche

David Jackson


Mother = Maltese Father = British : lived in Malta when retired, mother passed away a couple years back, father sold house and returned to England

"felt an obligation to return to Malta"

Iain Chambers -Mediterranean Crossings: The Politics of an Interrupted Modernity

Larry Sultan - Pictures from home

Annette Kuhn - Family Secrets

Wanting to be personal but not wanting to explore 'the family'

still life

how settled were you in Malta?

Did you feel a sense of belonging?

how often did you visit?

is there anything you define as 'Maltese culture' that you express

began photographing photographs

Paul Auster, the invention of solitude

"memory, not simply as the resurrection of ones private past but an immersion in the past of others, which is to say: history"

"what is home?"


David Jackson is a filmmaker and photographer. His short film “This is not my House’ tells a story of remembrance, nostalgia and loss. The film follows his father throughout a typical day, this being a while after his wife, Jackson’s mother, had passed away. With his mother of Maltese descent, his parents had retired in Malta. Since the passing of his mother, Jackson’s father decided to sell the house and move back to the UK. The film shows him attending to his wife’s grave, doing daily chores and many scenic shots that place Jackson in the scene without being shown.

This film really hit close to home when I watched it, from the storyline to the exploration of different parts of the house, and the sounds of life in Malta. From watching this I felt like I could feel the heat, smell the bleach of the sink and hear the life; all triggered nostalgia of my own time spent in Lebanon, with Meditteranean countries holding many similarities. Jackson’s visual production influenced footage I captured, focusing on small details that would resonate with the audience.