• Rasha Kotaiche




[Religion > Muslim, Christian School : Impact of Gender with this?

> Ramadan

Generation > Family, Archives > Dad/Mum: their timelines; 1st gen > Traditions

Nationality> British, Lebanese; Dual Nationality - ID/Passports

Ethnicity > Arab

Social Class - Working class]

Brexit - Migration - Diversity - Racism - Adversity - Ethnic Minorities - Mental Health - Community > Belonging


Riz Ahmed


Plural of Practice: Adept - Adapt

What new contexts and expanded contexts might emerge for your work? How do you situate your own work within the context of the vast opening up of new material? (Lectures, talks, revisiting archives)

Its not a bad thing to play.

  • Recreate photos of dad

  • Play with old and new images in photoshop

Uncertainty. Duration. Time

How have we felt 'duration'?

The uncertainty of the duration: how does photography's stilling of the world - its duration - relate to this?

What is the appropriate response to this crisis?

Against Identity?

How do we identify ourselves in everyday life?

Does the pause impact this?

When you lose one sense, other senses heighten; so losing the active nature of our daily lives, what has heightened in this time?

Unpacking historical narratives and bringing it to our own day.

Who gets ownership? > Class system

"Key workers" > BBC - BME Disproportionate numbers affected, why?


The Archive

Misconceptions of the Archive: Past, Present, Future

Design to ask questions rather than present answers

Translation + transformation

How to slow down, give attention to the work

Formations of shared identity

What are the different narratives?

Past, Present, Future : who, what, where, when, why, how

^what does it mean for them?

Creating the "future archive"

Importance of the family album/archive; what does it mean to each generation?