• Rasha Kotaiche

Akram Zaatari

Dance to the end of love


This piece was exhibited on 4 screens, one in each corner of a square room, and a circular seat in the middle. At times it would be one screen playing the video, and switch between the four, with intervals of all 4 screens playing at once. This proved to be interactive as the viewer had to keep moving to follow the screens

Against Photography:

Against Photography looks at the history of the Arab Image Foundation, as set up by Akram Zaatari and other Lebanese artists; analysing the importance of photography, the photographer and the archive. In particular, Zaatari looks at the importance of the photographic object and how it is used to structure our histories and placing key moments in life. He explores the emotive reactions that come from handling these photographic objects and the change of perception of the images across time.

Zaatari speaks of the collection of photographic objects ranging from personal to commercial use. He talks about the importance of preservation due to the large diaspora of the Middle East, especially Lebanon. It began as a way of promoting Arab photography and making the industry more prominent in the artistic world to attempting to preserve the history of countries so rich with culture, history and tradition. Which is something I have aimed to do within my final production by capturing recognisable scenes of place, culture and tradition.