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Visual artist based in the UK. 

I am primarily a photographer, currently specialising in portraits, music and events.


I’ve been developing my practice since 2011, gaining experience in a variety of areas of photography, videography, and project managing. I have worked with a vast number of clients, from book designing and social media content production, to lyric videos and web-design. As of recent I am the co-founder and project manager of True Tone, an organisation for creatives within Doncaster, providing opportunity and a community for young creators; through workshops, an arts festival and exhibition, we have developed a community that is aiming to work together and help develop the art scene in Doncaster.

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I received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Photography from Nottingham Trent University. During that time I produced a series of projects that were influenced by my cross-cultural experience, Lebanese background and personal narrative; from which I gained a deeper understanding of my self-identity, whilst also engaging with issues surrounding cultural identity in Britain. The last segment centred around intergenerational and migration development, and how multi-cultural upbringings impact a persons identity and sense of belonging. Since then I have been freelancing, where I have taken a route focusing on portraits, music and events.